About Take Root Wisconsin

About Take Root Wisconsin

The issues of affordable housing and insufficient housing education in Wisconsin were already at a crisis level prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has further affected declining homeownership rates, gaps with property tax foreclosure and an aging housing stock.

Take Root® Wisconsin is a Statewide Homeownership Network that brings together private-public stakeholders to increase homeownership and help people fix and stay in their homes. The Network is a consortium of community organizations, housing counseling agencies, Realtors, lenders, government leaders, and other groups working to promote sustainable homeownership. As a program within WISCAP, the Network will bring together new stakeholders, promote and develop new resources, implement strategies to dismantle housing discrimination and inequities, and more.

Membership Information

Visit our member page to learn more about the benefits of joining Take Root Wisconsin and to access a link to our application.

Guiding Principles

Strive for optimal outcomes & sustainable results

●Best utilize resources - leverage organizations, systems and funding resources to strengthen homeownership outcomes ●Use data and information to drive decisions and identify gaps for opportunities ●Understand and apply lessons learned & best practices

trusted, recognized leader

● Work with local, regional, and statewide partners to be a recognized source of homeownership information and tools ●Proactively listen to our partners and stakeholders to build trust and empowerment ● Hold each other to high moral and ethical standards

Foster an environment that is committed to growth

Learn from mistakes and build from successes

Drive equity and remove discriminatory barriers

Promote strategies that will achieve equity in homeownership and work to improve homeownership opportunities for communities of color

inclusivity - Everyone has a role to play

Transformation requires a team-centric approach - we will work together to share information, promote initiatives, foster innovation, and build on our strengths and opportunities

Prioritize communities that are struggling with homeownership

Prioritize communities who have been left behind by legacy policies and predatory practices making it difficult to own a home and build wealth

We are best among others!



Affordability & Access

Statewide Convener & Thought Leader


Trusted Resource

Resource Hub